Ethereum: Devcom 3

Ethereum: Devcom 3

I just submitted this speaking proposal the the organizers of Ethereum's Devcom 3 which is coming up on November 1 to 4, 2017:


Speaking Proposal

How do you stop the emerging Ethereum ecosystem from becoming just another tool of the police state?

Imagine it’s ten years from now.  Crypto-currencies, smart contracts, trustless transactions are commonplace.  However, political systems still control the world.  Cities still pay for roads.  Police still roam streets to control crime.  People still need national defense.

Ten years from now have big DAOs made deals with the state for tax collection?  City, state and national functions have to be paid for, and organizations on the blockchain have to pay their fair share, right?

That’s why Ethereum is already at risk – at risk of devolving into a new, dangerous tool for central planners.  When DAOs make deals with the state to collect taxes and impose regulations, that re-centralizes everything.  

What can the developers of today to prevent this?  The answer is in Open Source Government. 

At the core of OSG is a scientific definition of the term property.  By “scientific, “I mean it is non-ambiguous and operational (able to be technologized).  Using that as a foundation, OSG then explains how to achieve things like “freedom” and “justice,” eliminate “coercion,” and so on.  All these terms (and some others) are non-ambiguously and operationally defined within OSG, as well. 

Using OSG architecture, Ethereum can achieve such strong networks of reciprocity, such a large number of community services, such a high degree of stability, it simply out-competes the political state.  No political state has ever been able to build freedom, ensure justice or build a peaceful world, but OSG can. 

Chas Holloway, creator of Open Source Government, explains that its algorithms MUST be built into Ethereum-based projects now.  OSG operations are the only thing that can prevent a well-intended blockchain project from eroding into just another political system.

Using scientific epistemology, in clear, simple language, Holloway explains what “freedom” is, how it differs from central control, and how to build it.  All this in just over an hour. 

This is an extremely important and fundamental set of concepts for Ethereum developers. 


About the Speaker

Charles (Chas) Holloway is an American writer, publisher and lecturer noted for coining the term “Open Source Government” and for developing fundamental concepts in that field.  He is the author of the book The End: The Fall of the Political Class, the first book in an Open Source Government series.

Born in La Jolla, California, he is the grandson of aircraft tycoon, Reuben H. Fleet, Founder and President of Convair, the largest manufacturer of Liberator Bombers during World War Two.  Although Mr. Holloway’s main interest is the use of science to understand social phenomena, he also has a background in popular media, and has worked on dozens of projects with notable artists such as Theodore Sturgeon, George Clayton Johnson, Clive Barker, William F. Nolan, Danny Simon, John Truby, Michael Shermer and even Weird Al Yankovich. 

Currently, Holloway has just completed Book Two of the OSG series, Breakout: Technology Vs. the Nation State.  He also lectures on scientific epistemology and on how to understand social phenomena using scientific reasoning.

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