Protect the White House Furniture!

Protect the White House Furniture!

Trump V. Clinton.  The match is the most fiery in living memory.  Which candidate deserves your vote?  The clear choice is Trump, but not for the tired reasons you’ve already heard.  There’s a crucial issue not yet being debated by the mainstream liberal media: patriotic libertarians must all vote Trump to protect the White House furniture.

Stories of Hillary’s bad temper are shocking.  Secret Service Agent, Gary Byrne, reports in his best-selling book, Crisis of Character, just a few of her notorious, wild outbursts.  “What I saw sickened me,” he says.  During eight years of the Clinton

presidency there were volcanic fights, vases smashed to bits, flying ashtrays and husband Bill, himself, sporting a “real put-a-steak-on-it black eye.”

The risk to the museum-quality treasures in the White House is grave.  America can’t afford a President waking up in ill health, shrieking at the curtains and lamps, while her helpless doctors search Google for “What is the hormone that causes rage?”

Some of the White House pieces date all the way back to George Washington.  We can’t have them laid to waste by the Goddess of Shrews.  The home’s paintings are by great American masters.  We don’t need drinks thrown at them. 

There are beds purchased by Mary Todd Lincoln.  Treaty tables used in historical signings.  Steinway pianos played by the greatest artists in the world.  Presidents come and go.  But the furniture, paintings and fine china are supposed to last for centuries.

And if that isn’t enough to convince you to vote Trump, Libertarians at the polls must also consider theft.

In 2002, the Washington Post reported the Clintons have already tried to make off with truckloads of priceless White House furniture.  They grabbed sofas, chairs, ottomans, a kitchen table, lamps and a high-end needlepoint rug.  They helped themselves to the priceless White House china and flatware, too. 

Remember the 2002 scandal reported in the New York Times when they were forced to turn the pickings back in to the National Parks Service?  All while pleading, “We thought they were gifts.”

At least those items were recovered.  But White House pieces are smashed in a fit of rage are gone forever.

As Commander-In-Chief, Hillary would be a bad-tempered monarch bent on revenge.  Her main function would be to wake up each day and punish her handlers.  Her each foul-mouthed, obscenity-laden slur would be more vulgar than the last as she storms through the White House rooms in an endless prescription drug-laced orgy with the members of her entourage she hasn’t rat-f**ked yet.

No, and again, no.  For the sake of our national heritage, she must not win the election. 

At this uncertain time, America needs all the dignity it can get.  We can’t afford to lose national treasures.  That’s why a vote for Trump is critical.  We need a responsible leader who knows how to take care of nice things.



I wrote this a couple months before the 2016 U.S. Presidential election and submitted it to various places. Nobody would publish it because it wasn't politically correct. A good example of how the First Amendment is being eroded here in "The Land of the Free."  (ch)

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