The OSG News Site Contains Many

"Easter Eggs?"

What are "Easter Eggs?" They are hidden links that, when you click them, bring up humorous, ironic or surprising things. They are called "Easter Eggs" because we hide them and you find them.  

Easter Egg Type 1:


mp3 icon.jpeg

Under some of the headlines or pictures on the OGS News, you'll see this icon. See the red "play" bar? These are audio files. Click the "play" arrow, listen to the audio and be surprised.  

Why do we hide audio files? Have you ever listened to NPR on your car radio? In between their news stories, they play music. In broadcast radio lingo these interludes are called "buttons." These musical buttons are not just for ambience. Sometimes they make sarcastic or ironic commentary on the news story you've just heard.  It's a subtle wit thing that NPR has been doing for decades.

Since the OSG News is a spacial layout, we put play bars to our "audio commentary" underneath the stories. For example, go in the OSG News archives, find the March 26, 2018 page, and click on it (or just click HERE). It brings up the archived news from that week.  Take a look at the story "Trump Signs $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill."  Click the play arrow underneath the picture.  It plays the song "Hey Big Spender" from the Broadway musical, and makes a cool comment. 

Next find on the story, "Stingray: How the Government Hides Secret Surveillance Programs," and click the play button below that picture. You hear the TV theme from a 1964 British show called "Stingray," created by Gerry Anderson.  He's the same guy that created the TV show, "Thunderbirds."  Remember the puppets on strings doing rescue missions in space cars?  It was the height of TV cool kitsch.  This clip ridicules the state's Stingray surveillance system.

Why click on these Easter eggs to hear the commentary? Because when you read the OSG News, you are part of an underground movement.  And you want to be in the know about the anatomy of our news page. And if you know what's going on, you are hip.

Easter Egg Type 2:


At the bottom of the three news columns on the OSG News, there are headlines that don't look like news headlines.  They say things like "Singapore Hotel" or  "How to Crash a New York Party"or "Tree Lamp."  These are links to single-frame cartoons and pictures. (Click HERE to see what I'm talking about.)

Why do we put these here? Mostly, because they amuse us here at the office. But we also do it to get readers more engaged in the OSG News. Hey, we put Analytics and we found out the average person spends three to four minutes on our news site and they click 2.5 links.  That means users are mostly browsing the headlines and looking at the pictures.  The OSG News is an informative news site but it's also entertainment.

We put these links at the bottom of the columns because they are mini "think pieces."  The give your brain a dose of irony.  Sort of an intellectual vitamin B shot.  Our readers like to have their brains twisted and warped.  So that's what these links do. 

Easter Egg Type 3


Now we get to the nitty gritty. There's a third type of Easter egg, and we're not going to tell you where it is.  In fact, it moves around from week to week.  It may be here, or there, or anywhere.  And if you find it, you get a prize.

What kind of prize? A date with Stormy Daniels? A new Audi? 3.5 grams of California weed?  Unfortunately, no.  Instead, you get a copy of the eBook The End: The Fall of the Political Class by Chas Holloway. You'll be taken to a site where you can download the sucker for free.

Read this book and you will never look at society the same way again.  Complete paradigm shift.  You will realize what total bullshit political culture is and you will embrace the value of science and technology as the only way to solve problems, including social problems.  

Now that's intellectual stimulation.


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