LiberLand: A Genuine Ethereum Nation?

My name is Chas Holloway. I'm the guy who...

  • coined the term "Open Source Government" (OSG) and has been promoting OSG in the Ethereum community...
  • and whose message is that Ethereum, by itself, can NOT achieve the decentralization developers are striving for... 
  • and that to achieve decentralization Ethereum developers must ALSO understand and integrate Open Source Government algorithms.

You can read more about that HERE (it takes about 7 minutes): 

The danger Ethereum developers face if they DON'T employ OSG concepts is they will actually increase old-school state centralization, inadvertently.

I am a big fan of decentralization and Ethereum. But it needs OSG to achieve the goals developers are hoping for.  Fortunately, some developers and "thought-leaders" are getting the message. For example, this Friday (July 21) I am speaking at ComiCon in San Diego with David Brin (the science fi author) about OSG. The next day I'm going to Las Vegas to discuss OSG with Vit Jedlinka, the founder and President of LiberLand (the new micronation on the Danube river).  We are going to talk about integrating OSG with Ethereum -- and how working together they can become the official governmental system of a new kind of nation. 

ALL Ethereum developers should know something about OSG. The BOOK that explains the basics is available at the bottom of this page (click on the book cover picture).  The link takes you to Amazon where you can get the eBook for $10.

If you cant't afford $10, you can read it online at Amazon for free.

OR you can read the first chapter HERE -- it gives a precise, non-ambiguous and scientific explanation of what "freedom" is, and how it differs from centralization. 

That's something most Ethereum developers still don't know.