Michael Shermer

On Open Source Government

Dr. Michael Shermer, Founder of  the Skeptics Society and Publisher of Skeptic Magazine.  

Dr. Michael Shermer, Founder of  the Skeptics Society and Publisher of Skeptic Magazine.  


Michael Shermer Likes Open Source Government!

Michael Shermer (publisher of Skeptic magazine, monthly columnist for Scientific American, Presidential Fellow Chapman University, author of The Believing Brain, The Moral Arc, and Heavens on Earth) just read my book, The End: The Fall of the Political Class and sent me this terrific review:

“One of the most startling engines of change over the past decade has been the open source system of bottom-up input from millions of people all participating in movements to change businesses, industries, and lives. Chas Holloway applies that method to good governance, open source government by the people and for the people, scaling up from the local to the national and beyond. As we prepare to colonize Mars and become a multi-planetary species it is time for new innovation in political and economic systems and to experiment with new social technologies. Holloway has challenged us to think anew. I learned a lot reading this fine book.”

Thanks, Michael!


What is Open Source Government?

Open Source Government (OSG) is a scientific theory that explains how to manage a society without the use of centralized coercion. 

The core concept in OSG is the term property, which is non-ambiguously and operationally defined.  Using that as a foundation, OSG then explains how to achieve conditions such as “freedom,” “justice,” how to reduce “crime,” how to attenuate “coercion,” and so on, all without a central authority.  These terms (and some others) are also non-ambiguously and operationally defined within OSG. 

Today, there is a global effort to decentralize society through the blockchain, Ethereum (et al).  But it is not possible to do so unless those efforts also employ OSG algorithms. 

OSG was created by Chas Holloway and is fully explained in a series of three books, the first of which, The End, The Fall of the Political Class, was published in May, 2017...

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