ANNOUNCEMENT: From chasOSG, the Creator of "Stoned"

ANNOUNCEMENT: From chasOSG, the Creator of "Stoned"


Hello VOAT Community!

I’m ChasOSG, the guy who created the “Stoned” Subverse.  When I’m not posting stuff to VOAT, I’m an author and publisher, and for the last few years I’ve been developing a subject called “Open Source Government.” 

I’ve recently published a book on the subject.

It explains how civilization is being fundamentally transformed by new digital technologies – things like the blockchain, crypto-currencies, smart contracts, Ethereum, and so on.  (There’s a more detailed description of Open Source Government, below.)

I also have a younger brother named Mark who is heavily into marketing.  He tells me, if I give away a few hundred copies of my book it will generate “buzz” and stimulate sales.  I like getting a buzz, so here’s an offer exclusively for the VOAT community.

If you’re an intelligent, creative type who likes to trip on interesting ideas, I will GIVE YOU A FREE copy of my eBook, The End: The Fall of the Political Class.

All you have to do is email me at…

…and ask me to send it to you. 

I’ll send the book via Hightail (that’s a large file transfer site I use when files are too big for standard email). 

Here's what you can do for me: if you like the book, tell everyone you’ve ever met about it.  Also, post a review on Amazon.  Reviews drive sales.     

And by the way, you might also want to make a donation to VOAT. They’re having severe money problems and we all need to support free speech, which is a dying commodity on the internet.

My Free Book offer will be good until June 30, 2017. 


What Is OSG?

Open Source Government is about technology rising and replacing traditional social systems, especially corporate and political ones. 

You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin.  It’s based on a underlying technology called the “blockchain,” which is a major new digital innovation.  The blockchain is a public ledger – like a banking ledger, in which you keep financial records.  It enables entrepreneurs to create currency systems which are superior to government money systems.  Many other things can be built using blockchain technology, too.  In fact, entire autonomous companies can be built using it.

These new types of companies, called DAOs (Distributed Autonomous Organizations) are going to restructure the entire internet in profound ways, and restructure society-at-large, as well.  Blockchain technology is so powerful, in fact, banks and governments are already looking for ways to control it.

Open Source Government (OSG) is the technology the world needs to keep blockchain technology from becoming centralized and controlled by the political state or by powerful corporations.  Central control is what causes many of our current social problems, so OSG explains how to decentralize large social systems and keep them decentralized. 

The End: The Fall of the Political Class is the first book in the Open Source Government Series.  It explains OSG theory, and describes the algorithms developers need to keep things decentralized.  (Book Two, which will be published later in 2017, will be all about application.)

If you’re interested in learning how the world is already being fundamentally transformed, how these sweeping social change will affect you, how the next two decades will bring about the most profound reorganization of civilization in human history, read Chas Holloway’s The End: The Fall of the Political Class

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